Khayti Gala


Monika Rao

Mansi Shah

Achal Jain

Achal is a creative WordPress theme and plugin developer with keen interest in designing. He loves to play with WordPress coding in his free time.

Mridul Goswami

Mridul is an advocate by profession. He started working with WordPress as a hobby and now he is a professional WP developer for more than 5 years.

Amit Singh

Amit,  WPoets founder and a plugin developer is working with WP since 2007. He helped in organizing different camps like PHP, WC, Drupal and Jhoomla in Pune.


Nidhi Jain

Nidhi is a WordPress developer with keen interest in building custom themes and playing with WordPress customizer. She has been working with WP for last 3 years.

Rahul Bansal

Rahul founded rtCamp in 2009. He loves planning out server architecture and development processes.

His passion for technology, Nginx in particular, almost rivals his passion for food!

Mohit Pawar

Mohit Pawar is an author, blogger and entrepreneur. He wrote “India 2014” with Derek Sivers. He recently wrote “The Digital Marketing Handbook”. In his spare time, he helps fellow entrepreneurs and enjoys life with family and friends.

Zachary Miller

Zach is a WordPress Developer & eCommerce specialist and founded Superfein Creative Studio based in Canada with Sarah, a Graphic Designer. His dedication towards developing websites helping many businessmen to initiate their online presence.

Sarah Feinstein

Sarah loves to enhance websites with her creative and smart designs. After getting her bachelor’s in Graphic Designing, she started Superfein Creative Studio, in Canada with Zach, a passionate WP developer.

Ajit Bohra

Ajit Bohra, runs a boutique agency in Mumbai and with his experience of over eight years in WordPress, helps clients with complex solutions on the top of WordPress system.

Jayman Pandya

Jayman is a WordPress developer for more than ten years. He has efficiently built many complex systems and worked with many leading brands.

Bigul Malayi

Bigul is a PHP developer, QA & Support Analyst and has been working with WordPress since 2008. He is the lead organizer of WP Kochi community.

Ayushdeep Singh

Ayushdeep Singh is a Senior Developer at BuddyBoss, Delhi. He is passionate about WordPress and BuddyPress.

Vinodh David

Vinodh is co-founder of InfiteWP. He got acclamation for building useful WP products and tools with his team.

Isabelle Garcia

Isabelle is a digital nomad who loves to travel and works remotely. She often prefers to communicate with her followers via videos.

Nirav Mehta

Nirav is an entrepreneur geek, whom you can call a parallel entrepreneur with seven businesses. He and his team has developed some of the most popular plugins.

Nirmal Desai

Having earned the moderator level on WordPress.tv, Nirmal works as a Business Manager at Multidots. His passion lies in contributing to WordPress.

Dasun Edirisinghe

Dasun, from Shrilanka is passionately working with WordPress since 2011. He is expertise lies in UX designing and WP developing. He is the founder of the WP Colombo Meetup and contributes to the WP Sinhala Translation.

Gaurav Pareek

Gaurav is in the web industry for about 8 years, and have donned a number of hats during this period, including startup founder, developer, designer, business manager, front office, 3d architectural designer, in-house developer etc.

David Waumsley

David is working with WordPress for a decade and he specializes in developing videos for WordPress users.

Vaidehi Singh

Vaidehi has been blogging for more than 9 years now, which includes Hindi  poems, short stories and more. She is also providing niche services to clients from all over the world.

Victoria Park

Victoria is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic and also support users on the WordPress.com sites. She is passionate about traveling and hoping to share her experience in a travel blog.

Nancy Thanki

Nancy, a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, a photographer and a filmmaker. She has spoken at WordCamp Asheville, Seattle, Birmingham, Atlanta, Asheville, Philadelphia in 2015/2016 and now in WC Udaipur.